The Sales Challenge of Change

The Sales Challenge of Change

Moving into a tech sales environment with a new and innovative product was reinvigorating. After spending ten years in a saturated recruitment market with limited differentiators, selling something with unquestionable benefits and a unique value proposition has completely changed my approach to business meetings. 

While previously I would focus on promoting my personal brand against those of my peers and competitors, now I come to the table with a unique and compelling value proposition, and

my new challenge is to sell the benefits of change,

and how the benefits of making the change far outweigh any initial disruption to the business. 

These challenges are hardly unique; they are challenges that many salespeople of innovative companies will face as we continue to disrupt and revolutionise industries at a faster pace than ever before. 

The new sales challenge to overcome is not our competitors’ benefits, relationships, or even pricing; it is challenging short-term productivity decline due to organisational change fatigue. Embracing my innovation should be a company’s focus next quarter, not their CRM systems, phone systems, or new product launch. It is challenging the short-term revenue loss lowered by engagement issues from the change. A salesperson should not be attempting to convince their client to use their product, but instead, how this change will benefit their business, and why it should be prioritised over all other possible changes/innovations within the business.   

Once overcome, then the changes need to be implemented correctly. A widely known statistic estimates that 70% of all company changes fail*. Most business owners or decision-makers are well aware of this and cause reluctance to embrace change for fear of failure. Because there are now so many business choices for them to make, the salesperson must alleviate their concerns by answering the following questions:

  • Why did you suggest a change? 
  • Why will they cut out all the other plans they have next quarter to implement yours? 
  • Why will they take a hit on their quarterly bonus for the next six months? 
  • Why will they spend hours pushing your product or service through their team? 

Ensuring you have answered these questions enough to alleviate their concerns and make them comfortable to embrace a change is a true pathway to success.  

*Source unknown

Posted at 9:16am on Thursday the 10th of December, 2020.

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