Juggling eggs in a hurricane

Juggling eggs in a hurricane

The idea behind Pulse Talent has always been pretty simple – allow junior job seekers the opportunity to showcase their personality and “aura” in a way that a one-page resume can’t.

In other words, we use pre-recorded video interviews to find the hidden gems that are being overlooked in today’s algorithmic, fast-paced recruitment processes.

We launched in early February 2020, and I remember a conversation a few weeks in that started something like “do you think this COVID thing will put a spanner in the works?” Fast forward a few more weeks and our plans to move from a recruitment agency model to a SaaS platform by July is looking optimistic, to say the least. Who is going to pay a fee when youth unemployment is at record highs, and the volume of applicants has never been higher?

OK, we need a plan B… so, we moved to a freemium model where clients didn’t pay anything if we found the right person for them. So we spread our net wide with the hope of helping as many job seekers as possible at a time when they needed it most… Great idea, right?

Well, maybe if we focused on one industry vertical; but we didn’t – we spread the net too wide and only ended up helping a handful of job seekers in a market that was already resistant to change. We also had to pay the bills and never planned on making the service free in the first place. So, what next?

We pivoted again back into a shortlisting service which made sense at the time but still wasn’t quite right.

During this entire time, I’m also scrambling to keep my Recruitment and Coaching businesses above water. What a riot!!!

Mike Tyson said it best – “everyone as a plan until they get punched in the face”.

Anyway, long story short, the whole experience has been like trying to juggle eggs in a hurricane, but it’s given us some of the best lessons we could have hoped. Tarlia Smedley, Jem Ang and Tobias Taylor have been rocks throughout, and we are now on the verge of a reset that will only make us stronger in the long run and give the business more purpose and direction.

Now it’s time to lick the wounds, get the game face on and get refocused again…

… And maybe we can throw a new Company name into the mix too…

Watch this space!!!

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