Vidaura is Australia’s first video-based job board built to screen hospitality talent more efficiently with pre-recorded videos. 

Vidaura works by putting you, the job seeker, in front of employers through pre-recorded video interviews.

After creating your profile, you can:

  1. Customise your profile details and work availability
  2. Create your very own video interview by answering a set of questions provided
  3. Then, view hospitality video job ads and apply directly to vacant positions, all at a click of a button!

No resume. Only one video recording sent out to all job ads. And the best part… employers get to see the real you instead of words on a piece of paper and contact you directly for a meetup!

We currently have the following job positions available:

  • Cafe and restaurant hosts
  • Baristas
  • Servers
  • Bartenders
  • Barbacks
  • Restaurant all-rounders
  • Kitchen hands
  • Cooks

We are continually having more positions available and filled – all at the same time. So the best way to see who and what venues are hiring is to REGISTER and then you can start browsing!

We have carefully and scientifically constructed  a set of 4 questions that lets employers make informed decisions about whether you are the right fit and most importantly, gets the best out of you!

  1. Please introduce yourself and tell us something most people wouldn’t know about you.
  2. Briefly describe your work experience.
  3. What or who motivates you?
  4. Describe the team culture you are happiest in.

You get 1 minute to answer each question. The question will appear on the top of the screen the whole time whilst you are recording. After you finish recording, you can playback your video, and you also have the option of re-taking the recording if needed.

You can use any device with internet access! Mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computers. The choice is yours!

On average job seekers have been able to obtain a job position within a couple of weeks. The good thing about all venues hiring is that they need staff NOW.

To view our privacy policy and terms and conditions, please click on the links provided:

Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions

Simply click on the REGISTER button, and you can get started straight away!



Make sure your device is plugged in or fully charged with stable internet connection.


Choose a quiet room away from distractions. Most importantly, make sure it is a well-lit room where your face is illuminated and not too dark. Face a window or turn extra lights on if you have to.

Just because you are not face-to-face does not mean you can’t be well-groomed and well-dressed. We still want you to be you though. So make sure you are comfortable!

Be sure to look towards the camera and don’t look away or down too much.

Pretend you’re talking to a real person, that way you get the best out of yourself.

You are given 1 minute to complete each of the 4 questions. Pay attention to the countdown on the screen so that you can manage your time and complete the question efficiently.

Remember: You don’t have to use all this time, only use as much as needed.

Keep your answers relevant to the questions. Keep them short and concise if needed.

You get 3 attempts per question. Use them if you need to; playback and review each recording before choosing 1 to submit.

Just be yourself! That way you will be matched perfectly to your next job.

Use positive affirmations and showcase how self-motivated you are!

Remember to smile and enjoy the experience. Don’t worry, no-one is perfect and it’s normal to feel a bit nervous or self-conscious. The main point is that you are yourself and you give the employers watching a good first impression of who you are and what makes you tick.

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