Chocolate Easter Cocktail

Chocolate Easter Cocktail

Spend a good Easter holidays with your guests, by making this Chocolate Easter Cocktail. This sweet drink is made of Bailey’s, Vodka, and Nutella.

Chocolate Easter Cocktail collage drink


▪ Nutella

▪ Bailey’s Irish Cream

▪ Vodka

▪ Milk

▪ Mini Solid Chocolate Eggs


  1. Place the Nutella, Baileys Irish Cream, milk and vodka into a blender or Thermomix.

  2. Mix the ingredients together until smooth, creamy and completely combined.

  3. Place a solid mini Easter egg into the base of your serving glasses.

  4. Pour the cocktail over the mini Easter egg at the bottom of the glasses and serve immediately.

Posted at 7:30am on Thursday the 1st of April, 2021.


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