6 Reasons Why Hiring Managers Benefit from Pre-Recorded Video Interviews!

6 Reasons Why Hiring Managers Benefit from Pre-Recorded Video Interviews!

Hiring managers love that pre-recorded video interviews provide a personable feel to a candidate much earlier on in the hiring process. More importantly, the candidate has the opportunity to back up some of the intangibles on their traditional paper resume. For instance, some skills can’t be verified on a paper resume, such as great communication skills or the ability to convey positivity or calmness. In the video, however, the candidate puts those skills into action when completing their online interview.

So, let’s cut to the chase. What are the benefits of using a pre-recorded video interview over a traditional resume?

1. Showcases the job seekers personality

A video allows the job seeker to show off who they are in a personable manner. Personality can never come across the same way in a resume compared to video. For many entry-level positions, this showcasing of personality is what sets many apart from making it through to the first round of interviews or being completely missed.

2. Answers the questions hiring managers want answered

Pulse Talent has a set of questions that all candidates answer. These questions have been heavily researched and constructed by the wants and needs of employers.

Most resumes are cookie-cutter. They list experiences and accomplishments but they don’t convey learned skills or get down to answering some of the questions hiring managers have. Hence the reason why hiring managers feel further along in the hiring process with video interviews.

3. Creates more of a realistic first impression

Hiring managers are able to make better judgments on a candidate when they see their facial expressions, view their mannerisms and hear how they speak. In contrast, a traditional resume can only go so far with the use of text on a piece of paper. Often – especially within the entry-level space – exceptional candidates are often overlooked because their resume does not do them justice.

4. Proves the job seekers ability to sell

Think of a pre-recorded video interview similar to an elevator pitch. There is a time limit for each question and the candidate has to sell themselves and their skills in a creative way. Having the ability to sell themselves verbally proves their linguistic eloquence. It is conveying whether someone is a good salesperson or not. Which is particularly important for all of Pulse Talent’s hires within the sales, customer service and retail sectors.

5. Shows the eagerness of the job seeker

Many job seekers hide behind their resume. By putting themselves out there and going one step further by completing a pre-recorded video, they are displaying how dedicated they are to securing a job position.

6. AI technology assists in the correct matching

Not only do we have experienced local consultants that assist in the correct profile matching for each hiring manager but our AI technology also provides analytics on each candidate for a more accurate and data-driven hiring process. This saves both time and money.

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